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Nigeria young people converge from all geo-political zones at the champion’s conference 2013, Saturday 2nd November to discus on the Theme; re-birthing of a united dream. The conference was birthed because of the divergence dream of Nigerians who came to seek change focusing on four keys areas namely: LEADERSHIP, ECONOMY AND INFRASTRUCTURE, ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIAL, HEALTH AND EDUCATION.


Government should:

  1. Making implementable education policies that supports and solve problems education our National development.
  2. Rebranding and Re-transforming our Health sector through Infrastructural transformation, service delivery and human capital development.
  3. Mass education to improve healthy living and reduce mortality.


Government should:

  1. Diversification of the economy.
  2. Combat inflation
  3. Ensure a condusive environment for innovation and creativity.
  4. Provide basic infrastructure.


Government should:

We Nigerians believe we have the right to demand a clean environment.

  1. We believe that to achieve this, we must orientate ourselves to believe that the practice of a clean environment is possible.
  2. An environment not infected with pollution but developed through innovation.
  3. Creating social space where people can comfortably relax and network.


Government should:

With respect to leadership

  1. Leadership occurs in the following sphere; personally, the home front, place of economic engagements, religious gathering and governments.
  2. Leadership should be built from the personal leadership through the home front to governance level.
  3. The leadership we give should be value oriented, competent and accountable.

Conclusively, the above submission we have decided to uphold and practice as young Nigerian for the betterment of our future.

We also plead to the respective body to join hands together in other to make this communique a successful one.



@WorldViewM Support #DayOfTheGirl

stat_slide_sm5The global community is today observing International Day of the Girl Child.

The day is to recognize the rights of the girl child and challenges they face around the world.

The International Day of the Girl Child promotes girls’ rights and highlights gender inequalities that remain between girls and boys.

It is a UN observance that is annually held on October 11. One of the major challenges the girl child in Africa, especially, Nigeria, faces is sexual abuse, defilement and right to quality education.

I do my research to see how we can also contribute to takes a look at how the girl child in Nigeria is protected from such abuses.

Below are the responsibilities of everyone towards #dayofthegirl

  1. Improved public and private means of transportation for girls to get to school #dayofthegirl
  2. Collaboration between school systems and the banking industry to facilitate secure and convenient pay delivery to female teachers and scholarship delivery to girls #dayofthegirl
  3. Provision of science and technology courses targeted at girls in schools, universities and vocational education programmes #dayofthegirl
  4. Corporate mentorship programmes to help girls acquire critical work and leadership skills and facilitate their transition from school to work #dayofthegirl
  5. Revisions of school curricula to integrate positive messages on gender norms related to violence #dayofthegirl
  6. Revisions of school curricula to integrate positive messages on gender norms related to child marriage #dayofthegirl
  7. Revisions of school curricula to integrate positive messages on gender norms related to sex and reproductive health #dayofthegirl
  8. Revisions of school curricula to integrate positive messages on gender norms related to male and female fanily roles #dayofthegirl
  9. Deploying mobile technology for teaching and learning to reach girls, especially in remote areas. #dayofthegirl
  10. Eliminate all forms of discrimination against the girl-child #dayofthegirl
  11. Eliminate negative cultural attitudes and practices against girls #dayofthegirl
  12. Promote and protect the rights of the girl-child and increase awareness of her needs and potential #dayofthegirl
  13. Eliminate discrimination against girls in education, skills development and training #dayofthegirl
  14. Eliminate discrimination against girls in health and nutrition #dayofthegirl
  15. Eliminate the economic exploitation of child labour and protect girls at work #dayofthegirl
  16. Eradicate violence against the girl-child #dayofthegirl
  17. Promote the girl-child’s awareness of and participation in social, economic and political life #dayofthegirl
  18. Strengthen the role of the family in improving the status of the girl-child. #dayofthegirl
  19. Eliminate the injustice and obstacles in relation to inheritance faced by the girl child so that all children may enjoy their rights without discrimination #dayofthegirl
  20. Provide education and skills training to increase girls’ opportunities for employment and access to decision-making processes #dayofthegirl
  21. Provide education to increase girls’ knowledge and skills related to the functioning of economic, financial and political systems #dayofthegirl
  22. Ensure access to appropriate education and skills-training for girl children with disabilities for their full participation in life #dayofthegirl
  23. Promote the full and equal participation of girls in extracurricular activities, such as sports, drama and cultural activities. #dayofthegirl
  24. Develop information and training programmes for health planners and implementors on the special health needs of the girl child #dayofthegirl

@WorldViewM Support #DayOfTheGirl